Quality Funerals At An Affordable Cost

At Faith Funeral Services, our priority is making sure your loved has a quality funeral at an affordable cost.

Choosing to save you money by charging less!

We are a full service funeral home striving to offer quality, respectful, and diginifed funerals at an affordable price. What does "full service" mean to you?  At Faith Funeral Service we can provide all the services that any other funeral home offers.  One way we are "different" from other funeral homes is we will bring your service and visitation to your community at the church or cemetery of your choice and we do not charge extra to do so.  Of course, you can have your funeral and visitation at our chapel.

Areas we service

Here at Faith Funeral Service we not only serve families all over Northeast Arkansas but, in Southeast Missouri and Western Tennessee as well. We know that distance is sometimes questioned when it comes to our location here in the small town of Manila, Arkansas but, keep in mind that we can travel to you. Never hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions, we are here to help you not only save money while still having the service that you want for your loved one but to bring convenience during a difficult time. We understand that coming into a funeral home is not always comfortable and traveling after a loss is not something that is easy for most people so that is why we strive to help in anyway we can to ease that for families we serve. Also, keep in mind when it comes to cremations we can service you almost any where in the United States.