Who We Are


Faith Funeral Service, LLC is a privately held company founded in 2006 with the intention of providing quality funerals at about half the price of the national average. Although there are many differences, with respect to the way we operate, the most significant is probably our mobility and price. As you may know, most funeral homes serve their local area, usually 15-20 mile radius; thus the family and friends go to the funeral home for their services. Faith Funeral Service, on the other hand brings the funeral to your church in your community just as we would if we had a facility in your community, but without the overhead expense! This is one of the ways we keep funeral costs down to about half the price of other firms. We are very committed to the well-being of the families we serve and to the preservation of the integrity of Christian values, while providing professionalism, personal attention, dignity, and respect at the lowest possible price.


Janie Singleton, owner, previously worked in manufacturing and mortgage banking before starting her career in the funeral industry in 2008. She is a licensed funeral director in Arkansas and a fully licensed life insurance agent in Arkansas and Missouri. Janie is a member of the Northside Church of Christ in Blytheville, Arkansas and a supporter of Relay For Life.


Jamie Colter-Engel, Office manager,Arkansas licensed funeral director, apprentice embalmer and Arkansas licensed funeral insurance agent. Jamie is a member of the New Life Family Church in Corning, AR. She is a active member of the Corning and Manila Communities, including Relay For Life and Bike runs for Cancer Awareness. Jamie has two daughters Sarah Engel-Garmrath, and Whitney Engel-Conover. She also has one grand daughter Loreli White. Jamie loves spending time with her girls, fishing, camping, being out on the water and motorcycle riding.


Deanna Shrable, Arkansas licensed funeral director. She is married to Tony Shrable, has lived in Manila thirty two years where she raised her three children, Jason Lollar, Jordan Young, Jennifer Young Adair, and her grandson Gage Lollar.


Amber Simpkins, Arkansas apprentice funeral director. Amber is married to Jason Simpkins and they have three children: Charlie, Dalton and Sid.


Gary Stubblefield, Arkansas licensed funeral director.


Stephan Keating, Arkansas and Missouri licensed funeral director and embalmer. He has worked in the funeral industry for over 30 years.